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Our team of paddling experts created a lot of beginners’ guides, so every paddling enthusiasts can read it and be ready for their adventure.

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Our team of kayaking enthusiasts decided to make this website, so here People loving kayaks will be free to discuss and share their experiences and videos. Assisting the ones that are just starting this paddling adventure to choose the right kayak and have the same grand moments as we are.
Ivan Todorov - Sharli

Ivan Todorov - Sharli

Paddling Expert and Web Developer

Having more than 10 years of paddling experience enjoying the beauty of nature on any occasion. Prefer kayaking in Sea with other paddling friends. Participating in kayaking races.

Chavdar Kehayov - Fluke

Chavdar Kehayov - Fluke

Paddling Expert and Web Developper

Hardworking in the Information Technology department, but addicted in paddling with friends at any available moment.

Anton Todorov - Delxy

Anton Todorov - Delxy

Blogger and Paddling Expert

One of the most dedicated persons to the paddling adventure, literally sleeping by the Sea and grabbing the paddles at any free moment. Also helping to develop the website and the blog.