Kayaking without a doubt is a great way to keep fit and see the world. Think back to the last you went kayaking, the world in front of you, the breeze slapping against your skin, the adrenaline rush flowing through your body; so wonderful. The easiest way to earn benefits from kayaking is to buy an inflatable kayak and just start practicing. 

People go kayaking for different reasons, whether it’s for exercise, family vacations, to be close with friends or simply to enjoy nature. It gives you that nice balance between exercise and relaxation, long and short trips; it’s cost-effective, easy to set up and maintain. We like to think of the kayak as the bicycle of the water.  Pause, really think about it for a second and you will agree there is just something extraordinary about paddling your kayak in the middle of a lake or riding along the rapids of the perfect wave of whitewater where your mind basically, switches off all worries and just fully focused on the beautiful activity.

A beautiful sport in every sense of the word, kayaking is very effective in achieving mindfulness, tranquility, and a sort of Nirvana- if you will.  The beautiful weather, trees, birds, the lake have all come to play, and you’re the star of the show.


Like I said earlier, people experience a different type of emotions. For some, the excitement of accomplishment, for others it can be the frustration that comes with failing to achieve a goal, or maybe fear or phobic reactions in the presence of a difficult large mass of water. It might even be intimidation sitting among seemingly skilled paddlers. However, every single time you pick your paddle and take a swipe at the water, you take a swipe at life; you face the water head-on, you forget whatever it was that made you feel inappropriate about yourself and make yourself and the water the center of attraction in this beautiful love story!


The tranquility and peacefulness that comes with being out in the open water makes kayaking the perfect activity for meditation and allows the brain to release the thousands of thoughts that are racing through the mind and offloads a mountain of stress from the body. All these come from forgetting everything and just living in the moment.


Kayaking can improve your self-image more than anything you’ve ever imagined. Remember how you felt the when you broke your speed, distance or time record. Each success, no matter how seemingly insignificant, plays important roles in enhancing the way you feel about yourself.

According to experts, kayaking on a regular basis can result in a boost in self-satisfaction. Through kayaking, you can go on to lead a positive attitude towards yourself and ultimately, life.


Kayaking is a relatively intense sport. Its mentally engaging abilities only match the beauty in the ruggedity.

When you’re out on the water, everything falls out of place, and you have only one thing on your mind, the entire arsenal of focus is directed at a single task of navigating yourself along the flow of water beautifully. This inadvertently, of course, improves attention span, while developing thinking and problem-solving skills.  I’d take any activity that guarantees me mental development while having fun any day. Determination, doggedness and a never say never attitude is the core point of kayaking and it’s learned in full course.


As a matter of fact, we tend to fall back on beautiful memories at times of conflict and distress. Psychologists have recommended families investing in memories to build family bonds and values.

The memories and experiences spent in nature are part of the most surreal things you can experience. If you’re a couple merely kayaking or involved in another activity like touring or fishing, Kayaking is guaranteed to increase your positivity. It also provides an opportunity to bring people closer. So if you’re looking for that special activity to rekindle that spark with that special someone; or simply looking to provide a family building fun activity for the kids. You’re looking in the right direction.


This goes without saying as one of the top reasons people kayak. Nature is in abundance and beauty is a sight to behold. Mother nature is charming, and kayaking is definitely one of the few ways to truly explore the beauty of nature. More than lots of activities, it affords you the ability to be closer to nature. Not to mention, in many cases, you will be able to travel and see sights only accessible to a very small percent of the population, a fraction of them fellow kayakers.


It’s not surprising to find people from different backgrounds from all works of life participating in this family-friendly, nature-hugging activity. It’s perfectly suitable for quiet, middle solitude and thrill-seeking daredevils.  So the next time you’re out kayaking for fun, to bond with the family, to exercise or to see the world from the different perspective, you can be sure your emotional and mental health is well taken care of. Go ahead to share some of these other benefits you derive from kayaking with us through the comment section. We’d love to read them.


One of the few activities that infuse the ruggedness and tranquility of nature exhibiting its beauty; not only does kayaking provide evident and numerous physical benefits, it’s also one of the best activities that promote mental health. Below are some of the other benefits of kayaking that may seem somewhat inconspicuous.


A healthy body is a healthy mind. Being an aerobic sport, Kayaking greatly improve heart health. The heart requires exercise as it literally works non-stop. It not only needs exercise, but it also craves it. Giving it what it wants will only strengthen it.  The continuous paddling involved in kayaking improves heart rate and as such cardiovascular health can only get better. One of the body’s most important muscle groups- core muscles better known as the abs are catered for by the different activities involved in paddling a kayak.


It’s a long day at work, you just had to file in a ton of paperwork, had to send a bucket load of emails, and you still didn’t make your deadline. On top of that, you have to juggle the kids from school to practice and have your own private time with the spouse. Even the mind needs rest, sometimes, accumulated stress over time can be indeed dangerous to your long-term health. Why not leave all of that behind and jump into your kayak. The truth is there are tons of ways to destress like going to the gym, taking a walk, etc. but you will find that none compares to the fantastic experience and peace of mind that floating on water and being intimate with nature provides. Soak it all up!


There are tons of emotions that go through people’s mind when they are out kayaking. For some, the excitement and rush of completing a challenging course on a river or pulling that freestyle move they’ve been working on.

A lot of people grow up shy or even depressed which takes a considerable toll on their confidence. Taking up kayaking, meeting people that share the same interest, all while being outside and having fun contribute to your recovery process. Going out to the river, soaking it all up and getting appreciated by people who share the same interest goes a long way in boosting confidence and it actually transforms other aspects of life.  You develop a positive attitude towards whatever it was that broke you down, and now you can face it head-on.


I know you may think it’s weird to include this but they actually go hand in hand. Humans are social animals; we thrive by being in the presence of others.

We are influenced by what people think, and people care about how we feel towards them. As humans, we need to be with other humans to achieve some level of happiness. If you’re the busy type, the shy or the introverted kind or you just don’t have many friends, kayaking is a great way to meet new people from all works of life. You could even join a club and who knows, you might even find that special person. The bond that kayakers share is one that enhances friendship and camaraderie. Whether you and your friends enjoy competing or just like to hang out, kayaking is for you.


Apart from stress reduction, kayaking also improves overall mental health. Aerobic exercises including Kayaking and cycling releases chemicals in the brain. These chemicals are responsible for mood and confidence. It’s a great way to clear your mind of those negative thoughts. Your material problems will shrink to what they really are- irrelevant to your happiness and well-being, whenever you are out on a river.