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Hull Weight:
Tracking System:
Drain valves:
Inflation time:
Inflation Pressure:
Whitewater rating:
Best for:
*Price Includes:

Ride 135

Ride 135

Editor`s Choice

$ 890

Sit on top / solo
Expedition, Touring, Recreation
1 person – 550lbs / 249kg
13′ 6″ / 411 cm
31.5″ / 80 cm
82 lbs. / 37 kg
Polyethylene Plastic
V-shape + Rudder
6 self bailing
Class II
Ocean, Rivers class II, Fishing, Bays, Lakes, Flatwater, Camping
Ride 135 Hull, AirPro Freedom Elite Comfy Seat, Orbix-Bow and Midship Hatches



Best Inflatable

$ 899

Sit on top / solo or tandem
Touring, Recreation
1-3 persons – 635lbs / 288kg
12′ 6″ / 381 cm
2′ 12″ / 91 cm
35.3 lbs. / 16 kg
1100 Decitex Reinforced
1 large Skeg + Needle-Knife Keel
2 open / close type
7 min.
3.2 psi
Class II
Rivers class II, Fishing, Bays, Lakes, Flatwater, Camping
385ft FastTrack™ Hull, 7’10” AB30 paddle, Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat, Kayak Carry Bag, A41 Foot Pump, Slide in Swept Back Skeg, Repair Kit

Tarpon 140

Tarpon 140

Best Comfort

$ 847

Sit on top / solo
Touring, Recreation,
1 person – 375lbs / 170kg
14′/ 427 cm
28″ / 71 cm
68 lbs. / 31 kg
Polyethylene Plastic
V-shape + Rudder
6 self bailing
Class II
Ocean, Rivers class II, Fishing, Bays, Lakes, Flatwater, Camping
Tarpon Hull, AirPro Freedom Elite Comfy Seat, Orbix-Bow and Midship Hatches

Pescador pro 12

Pescador Pro 12


$ 849

Sit on top / solo
Fishing, Touring, Recreation
1 person – 375lbs / 170kg
12′ 0″ / 365 cm
32.5″ / 82 cm
64 lbs. / 29 kg
Polyethylene Plastic
V-shape + Rudder
7 self bailing
Class II
Pro Fishing, Ocean, Rivers class II, Bays, Lakes, Flatwater, Camping
Pescador Hull, Pro Comfy Seat, Bow Hatch, Bungee cord

Malibu Angler

Malibu two xl angler

Best Fishing

$ 949

Sit on top / solo or tandem
Fishing, Touring, Recreation,
1-2 persons – 500lbs / 227kg
13′ 4″ / 406.4 cm
34″ / 86.4 cm
74 lbs. / 33.6 kg
Polyethylene Plastic
V-Shape + multi chine
4 self-bailing
Class II
Pro Fishing, Ocean, Rivers class II, Bays, Lakes, Flatwater, Camping
Malibu Hull, Two Comfort seats, Center hatch, foot wells, Side-mounted handles, Skid Plate, bungee, Paddle keepers, Four deck mounts, Two rod holders

Ride 135

$ 890

Ride 135

Sometimes you wonder how a popular kayak series can be topped, and then the Ride 135 comes along. Classed as a sit on top recreational kayak, the broad features make this an appealing kayak for many people.

Some quick points on the Ride 135 kayak:

  • This kayak is best for calm, coastal water, rivers up to class II, good at open water and the ocean.
  • The Ride 135 is made from polyethylene
  • It has a length of 13ft 6 in, a width of 31.5 inches and a weight of 82 pounds
  • It is a solo kayak with a load capacity of 550 pounds.
  • It is stable, tracks straight, and is suitable for a few days expedition and fishing at open sea.


  •  We recommend buying an additional rudder for better tracking. 
  • It is quite heavy and could be difficult for a single person to lift it on the top of the car.


The Ride 135 offers enough stability to stand up if desired, and the deck has broad foot areas. This is a kayak that is comfortable on waterways, on flat water, and in coastal areas.

If you are looking for an all-rounder, there are some neat touches associated with the Ride 135 that will impress you. Just because you are surrounded by water doesn’t mean that you can drink anywhere. Also, when you are active, you need to stay hydrated. The cup holder may not seem like the most necessary accessory for a kayak, but it makes a difference. Its presence will help you to stay at your peak levels of performance.

The seat is made of the ergonomic 3D foam with greater airflow to keep your body cool. It allows you to sit a bit higher, so you have better visibility and it is easier to cast your rod. There is also the fact that the seat can be removed and used as a beach chair when on shore. When you finally make it back to land, you will likely want to rest up a while. If you want to do this in comfort, the Ride 135 will not let you down.

Many users have highlighted the Ride 135 as a fantastic choice for anglers if you plan on fishing while kayaking, this is the sort of kayak that gives you confidence. With a range of comfort carry handles, you should find the Ride 135 is portable. Finding a kayak that fits into your lifestyle isn’t always easy, but this kayak is one that should allow you to adventure further.

FastTrack 385ft

$ 899

FastTrack 385ft

As the name suggests, this is a kayak that is lighter than most options, but at the same time, it is fast and stable. If you’re looking for a kayak that is easy to handle, it is an option to consider. As an inflatable kayak, storage is easy, as is transportation, helping you enjoy your hobby more.

However, don’t feel as though safety or reliability is compromised due to its ultralight nature. No, this is a high-performance kayak, benefitting from a sleek design, and its durable nature will leave you confident when out at sea.

Some quick points on the FastTrack 385ft inflatable kayak:

  • This kayak is best for lakes, bays, calm water, rivers up to class II, however, it is tested in the open sea and performs very well. 
  • The FastTrack 385ft inflatable kayak is made from 1100 Decitex Reinforced material
  • It has a length of 12ft 6 in, a width of 35.8 inches and a weight of 35 pounds
  • This is a kayak which can carry up to three people with a load capacity of 635 pounds
  • Tracking is very good with the large removable skeg and the unique design of the Needle Knife Keel
  • It comes with 3 years warranty.
  • It is very easy to use, store, transport, inflation time takes only about 7 minutes.


  • After use in salt water should be rinsed with fresh water.
  • Some shells could damage the hull, however, repair is easy.  


If you’re looking for pace when punching through the waves, the asymmetrical shape gives you an added edge. The design also offers greater buoyancy where the paddlers sit, making this a comfortable way to explore and adventure.

Design features aimed at keeping the paddle straight will be of benefit to all users. As will the fact that less effort is required to pick up the pace. The FastTrack 385ft inflatable kayak is ideal for novices, but it should provide benefits to all kayakers.

The FastTrack is inflated with a foot pump; most users say this is a straightforward process. Anyone who is fit enough to enjoy a leisurely paddle will find they can inflate this kayak with ease. If you thought an inflatable kayak wouldn’t be sturdy enough for you, think again, as this will change your mind. The FastTrack 385ft inflatable kayak provides both comfort and confidence for kayakers of all ages and levels.

Tarpon 140

$ 847

Tarpon 140

If you are heading out on to open waters, you need durable and reliable transport. The Tarpon 140 kayak may be what you are looking for. There is additional storage capacity ensuring you have plenty of room for belongings. However, this is still a durable and reliable kayak which focuses on enhancing stability. If you want a kayak that glides through the water, this is a smart choice.

This is a kayak that is ideal for anglers or people who enjoy a few comforts when out at sea. The storage space is a significant reason to consider the Tarpon, but it delivers a great deal of comfort too. The seat remains fixed, but it is possible to adjust the height and backrest. If you can’t get comfortable in this kayak, it is unlikely you will feel comfortable in any kayak!

Some quick points on the Tarpon 140 kayak:

  • It is best at lakes, coastal water, open water, ocean, rivers class II, 
  • The Tarpon 140 could be classified as a sit-on-top sea kayak, suitable for fishing in the open sea. 
  • It is made from polyethylene.
  • It has a length of 14ft, a width of 28 inches and a weight of 68 pounds
  • This is a kayak for solo use with a load capacity of 375 pounds
  • very comfortable and adjustable seat with two water bottle compartments just in front of the seat, very easy to use when needed.
  • stable and tracks well in challenging conditions, with the optional rudder kit.


  • Hatches could be made more watertight.
  • Due to the weight and the lack of handles between the bow and the stern could be a bit difficult for a car-topping by yourself. 


The Tarpon series has won many fans, but there is agreement that the Tarpon 140 is the most advanced. It may be a middle range fishing and recreational kayak, but it offers value and confidence for most users.

The Tarpon 140 is available in an assortment of bright colors if you’re looking to be an individual at sea. However, it is the functionality, rather than the style, which sets the Tarpon 140 apart from many of its peers. The combination of durability and storage should ensure this is the kayak of choice for many adventurers.

Pescador Pro 12.0

$ 849

Pescador pro 12.0


Billed as a fishing kayak, the Pescador Pro 12.0 delivers capacity for your equipment and plenty of comforts. The combination of these elements has seen the boat hailed as one of the best options for first-time buyers. Whether you are new to kayak fishing or you have tired of being uncomfortable, this option won’t let you down.

This edition is a complete overhaul on previous kayaks in the series, and it shows. It has a modern feel but what it achieves stands it apart from the rest of your fishing kayak options. With two seating positions, from the removable stadium seat, comfort is paramount. If you plan on fishing all day, this is a tool that makes the experience a pleasure.

Some quick points on the Pescador Pro 12.0 kayak:

  • The kayak is best for lakes, rivers up to class II, ocean, open sea, coastal water. All fishing, and recreational activities.  
  • The Pescador Pro 12.0 kayak can be used in the open sea and the ocean for deep fishing.
  • It is made from polyethylene
  • It has a length of 12ft, a width of 32.5 inches and a weight of 64 pounds
  • This is a kayak for a single user with a weight capacity of 375 pounds
  • Very comfortable with the high back seat, cup holder and adjustable rod holders.
  • Durable and tracks well.
  • 5-year Warranty


  • We recommend additional rudder kit, to have better tracking when in open sea. 
  • Not so stable for stand up fishing.
  • Difficult for a car-topping by yourself. 

The Pescador Pro 12.0 is classed as a safe kayak which is suitable for all abilities and situations. The one-piece construction is leak-proof, and the built-in buoyancy adds confidence when at sea. The Pescador Pro 12.0 also scores highly concerning comfort. If you plan on being on the water for a long time, comfort matters.  With quality cushioning and a reliable level of back-support, this is a kayak you’ll enjoy spending quality time in.

With a high-standard of tracking and stability, you can set out in complete confidence with the Pescador Pro 12.0. Anglers who are looking for a kayak that maximizes their fishing experience will love this.

Malibu Two Xl Angler

$ 949

Malibu xl angler kayak

As the name suggests, the Malibu Two XL Angler tandem kayak was designed for two people, primarily for fishing purposes. That means a lot of people will not need this kayak, but not so fast it can be used solo by placing the seat in the middle. Those who try this kayak will adore it. This kayak is ideal for couples or a parent introducing a child to the magic of kayak fishing.

Even though there is space for two people, there is still plenty of storage space for fishing equipment. This is a kayak that has been designed with functionality in mind, and you can pack all your fishing essentials. However, the kayak isn’t overly bulky or heavy, so you should find carrying it is simple, especially for two people!

Some quick points on the Malibu Two XL Angler tandem kayak:

  • The Malibu Two XL Angler is a sit-on-top, tandem or solo kayak, or could be used with a third small individual in the middle.  
  • It is best for all kind of fishing and recreational activities in lakes, rivers up to class II, ocean, open sea, coastal water.
  • It is made from polyethylene
  • It has a length of 13.4ft, a width of 34 inches and a weight of 74 pounds
  • This is a kayak for two people with a weight capacity up to 500 pounds
  • It is stable enough for stand up fishing
  • Tracks and maneuver well even by a solo paddler.
  • Multipurpose boat.


  • We recommend additional rudder kit.
  • Difficult for a solo car-topping due to the weight. 
  • A bit slower than the other rigid kayaks.

There is a degree of customization available with the Malibu Two XL Angler tandem kayak. Anyone looking to use it by themselves, as opposed to with two, will find it can be set up quickly. The overlapping foot wells are a fantastic touch, ensuring comfort for everyone when out at sea.

You’ll find the broader beam areas of the kayak helps to push through the water’s surface without compromising on speed. This addition also provides more steadiness for your ride, which is ideal for families. The Malibu Two XL Angler tandem kayak delivers a dependable kayak that you’ll be delighted to use many times. The dependable and spacious nature of this kayak makes this a perfect choice for families. It is for sure a great deal!

Sit on Top Kayaks


The difference, benefits and where to use a sit on top kayak

If you love to get out on the water as much as possible, you’ll have probably seen sit on top kayaks. However, why do people use them, and where did they find such an ingenious method of getting around on the water?

When you want to know the answers to all these questions and more, it pays to put yourself in the mind of the user. They’re clearly getting some combination of additional, comfort, safety, and maneuverability out of it. So, let’s dive on in and take a look at just what this Kayak variation has to offer.

What is a sit on top kayak, and how is it different?

Sit on kayaks are one craft with a name that does it justice. With a large open cockpit for you to sit in, you’re, not confined in the standard Kayak manner. However, don’t, let that perturb you, most people start with a traditional kayak, before branching out.

Some people do it out of curiosity, others for increased safety or more flexibility. Let’s take a look at why they choose to give them a try.

The flat top design means that capsizing is far less dangerous than with a traditional kayak

When you’re sealed in, and you turn upside down in the water, a sense of panic can set in. Granted, you’ll have practiced freeing yourself a bunch of times before you head off into deep water. But nothing quite prepares you for the feeling of having to do it for real the first time.

The beauty of a sit on top kayak is that you’ve not sealed into the vessels hull. That means, when you flip over, all you have to do is get your bearings and swim to the surface. That’s something which is sure to set the minds of novice users at rest. Not only that, but it’ll give you the confidence to go further afield and do more on the water.

They offer a lot of extra space when you want to pack for an adventure

An open top boat will always have more room for equipment, so why not make the most of it? In sunny California, it’s not uncommon to see kayakers take their dogs for a trip around the coast. Imagine that could be you, such, is, the amount of extra space that an open top offers you.

You could even pack an overnight pack and a few lightweight camping accessories and set off with your friends. That’s a great idea if you want to be able to pack up and explore the coast as the mood takes you. Just be sure to tie everything in place so that your kayak maintains its balance. That way you won’t feel like you’re fighting a current, only to find that you’re overloaded on one side.

Sit on tops are almost impossible to sink, which is excellent for building your confidence

When you encounter waves for the first time, you’re bound to get that sinking feeling. It’s only natural and certainly not something you should be ashamed about. The handy thing about sit on top kayaks is they’re inherently buoyant. In other words — they’re virtually impossible to sink. No matter how hard the waves might try. 

Why? because they come complete with scupper holes. These are small holes in the side of the craft that allow water taken onboard to drain straight out. Ideal, if you want to have to avoid having to bail out in a hurry!

They allow you to get comfortable a lot easier, especially if you tend to struggle with standard kayaks

As previously mentioned, sit on tops have more occupancy space which means you have a room for maneuver. Fortunately, for the taller than average or those with a larger build, this means they are a better option for you.

Not only that, but they’re also easier to get in and out of. That is ideal for those of you who are still getting used to being on the water. Just by being able to start things off nice and easily, you’ll get more enjoyment from your time on the water. There’ll be no losing your balance and having to squeeze into something that isn’t comfortable.

Instead, you can jump (not really, be careful,) right on it and spend your time and effort getting accustomed to the water. A perfect mode of transport for the Kayak beginner who wants to get up to speed quickly.

Sit on tops are ideal for those who suffer from nerves or maybe Claustrophobic

Whether you’re nervous on the water or are taking small children out for the first time, a sit on top can help you out. Because you’re not sealed in, you won’t have that claustrophobic feeling novices sometimes experience. You can jump out and paddle back to shore at any time. And if you lose your balance, it’s very easy to right yourself and continue, to practice. 

If you’re looking to try kayaking but know you’re not the most natural of people on the water, a sit on top could help you out. They’re also a great way to combine one of your other favorite hobbies…

Sit on tops allow you to pack more than enough fishing gear for the afternoon

Okay, so we’ve already said that they can take a lot more kit than a standard kayak. But did you know they’re also stable enough to allow you to land that prize catch you’ve been dreaming of?

With room for a rod, tackle box, and all the other bits and pieces, you’ll be all set. That makes sit on top kayaks a good investment for the fishermen too. Take the time to find one with enough space for your gear and an Anglers paradise awaits you!

What should you be looking for the best sit on top kayak?

There are a few things that you need to look at, starting with price. The main thing is to set a budget that you’re happy with. This will vary from person to person, but try and keep it in line with your experience level. If you’re just, starting, out, then opting for a top of the line model may not be wise. Build up gradually, and you’ll not only have plenty of money left over for upgrades. You’ll also fully appreciate the difference as your ability improves.

The next thing you want to think about is size. Take the time to try a few out, so that you know you won’t suffer from cramp on the water. Additionally, take a couple of bags with you, so that know how the Kayak will perform when under load. Furthermore, pick a comfy seat, and make sure you have plenty of room for your legs once your bags are onboard.

How to carry a sit on top kayak like a professional

Sit on tops can be mounted to a car roof rack, or placed in the back of a large camper. Take the time to measure up your prospective kayak so that you can plan accordingly.

When you arrive at the shore, it pays to have invested in a sit on top with integrated handles. Look for rubberized comfort-grips so that your hands don’t take too much of the strain. That will enable you to hoist your kayak up onto your shoulder with little or no difficulty. And that’s ideal if you’re going to be carrying the kids’ kayaks and your partners too!

Where can you use a sit on top?

No such waterways exist which traditional kayaks are ok, but sit on tops are not. Which, is fantastic news for those of you who want to take your new kayak to your favorite spots and try it out.

As always, please follow the local guidelines and be considerate to other users whenever you’re on the water. That way everyone can enjoy one of America’s most relaxing pastimes.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about sit on top kayaks is that they offer a comfortable and stable ride to users of all abilities. This makes them a good option for novices, nervous swimmers, and people who struggle to find traditional kayaks that fit.

Take the time to find the right option for you by measuring up what your vehicle can safely carry. From there you can take these measurements to a specialist store and try on a few sit on tops for size. REMEMBER: Make sure you take a bags with you to get a feel for the room on offer before buying.

Once you find the right one for you, all you need to do is decide which waterway you want to take it out on first!