The Colorado River

The Arkansas River

If you like to recreate in beautiful places, you are a daredevil who likes adrenaline, fishing enthusiast or just you need an anaerobic sport  Kayaking could be an ideal activity for you. The act of facing the behemoth rocks, the force of the currents, and the raging tides do provide challenges which will make you feel alive!  Some people are using the kayaks in navigating to the hot fishing spots in various waters or just recreating and enjoying the beauty of nature.

However, before starting your trip always plan the route. As you do not want to be surprised with some Niagra falls down the stream. You should have also in mind the time of the year when you are going to paddle. During the fall when the snow is melting some rapids are changing their class. Let`s say in Summer one rapid is a class III, but in Fall could be a class IV or even V.

Some of the top paddling destinations in the USA are discussed below.

The Colorado River 

Whitewater Class I – VI

Kayaking of its amazing rapids. The legendary Colorado River winds through three different states. You wouldn’t get it wrong by saying this river provides the most fantastic adventure. If you are in a rush on this river, you may miss out on a lot. Impressive sceneries surround the 1450 miles river. You shall find plenty of spots where you can cast your rod. Yes, the river is perfect for fishing or just for relaxing.

And this river has created the great Grand Canyon. The sights are not from this world with the bizarre shape of the rocks hanging above you. Just sit back and enjoy it is magnificent. When the night comes just make your camp near the shore and feel the energy of the Grand Canyon. Wow.

The river is suitable for kayaking and rafting more than 300 miles. However be aware the whitewater class of the river is different in each section. There are some very calm sections of the river where you can go fishing and relax, but there are also even class VI rapids which are considered as unrunnable.

Arkansas River

Whitewater Class I – V

Arkansas river is known to be the sixth longest river found in the United States. The meandering waterway slithers from Colorado and runs down to its namesakes state Arkansas.  Along the waters, you will find plenty of destinations on which you can stop and test any angling or paddling skills you may have. Enjoy the incredible 5,000 feet Rockies on the sides of the river before descending into the Royal Gorge where you can race with the tourist trains. If you want some more rapids, well the river is there to provide it. Passing through Browns Canyon and Pine Creek. Be aware rapids there are class IV and V. The river is a very famous paddling destination. You can simply sit back and enjoy the beautiful sights, go fishing, relax, or challenge yourself with the rapids. All you need is there.